About Us


Intarch Services Pvt. Ltd. is India's largest and most reputed company which is exclusively providing Valuation & Appraisal Services nationwide. The company's vast professional experience spanning almost 25 years covers all categories of projects including Commercial & Office Projects; Industrial Projects, Factories; SEZs, Stores, Retail Centers; Hospitals; and Residences.

Intarch Services was founded in 1991 in New Delhi, India with a clear mandate -

‘To provide Valuations that are Fair, Accurate, Independent, Reliable and Quick’.

Today, Intarch is providing valuation services to Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Lawyers, Accounting Firms, Finance Professionals, High Courts and to private Individuals. We have established long-term relationships with the biggest corporations in the world of Banking, Industry, Mortgages and Real Estate to whom we provide Reliable and Efficient valuation services.

The company is managed by a team of experienced senior professionals including Valuers and Engineers. With our corporate headquarters in New Delhi and a nationwide network of valuation associates we are able to provide quality valuation services across India. We constantly audit our people, processes and systems to ensure highest level of efficiency & quality.

The company has a thorough understanding of the Indian market-place, and has also developed the biggest computerized database of the property values. Data on property values which has been collected over the past 25 years is updated daily. In-house computer facilities and the extensive use of database management systems are used to enable the company to provide quick and reliable valuations across the country.

Intarch Services is a full service valuation service provider which has executed over 300,000 valuations across India since its inception. These services have been provided to the highest international standards. Our reports have withstood scrutiny of the world's most discerning regulatory, judicial and taxing authorities and are recognized worldwide by leading financial institutions and experts.