Valuation & Appraisal Services

In India, a number of the large Real Estate Brokerage Companies provide valuation services in addition to their core business. Intarch Services is different. We are not brokers, dealers or real estate agents. For more than 25 years our only business has been the delivery of valuation and valuation-related advisory services. No other valuation firm can equal our breadth and depth of experience.

Valuation is our core business. We deliver valuations that are accurate, reliable and insightful. Our reports have withstood scrutiny of the world's most discerning regulatory, judicial and taxing authorities and are recognized worldwide by leading financial institutions and experts. Intarch Services was set up for the sole purpose of providing valuation and valuation-related services. Since the very beginning, we have operated as an independent valuation firm and have eliminated real and/or perceived conflicts-of-interest by keeping our focus on valuation. This ensures the independence that is essential in today's business environment.

Our principals have distinguished academic backgrounds and lead the profession by example and are helping to re-define valuation by writing, conducting workshops and training programmes. They are also affiliated to the most relevant, internationally-recognized professional organizations.

Our clients include financial institutions, investment advisors, securities firms, financial institutions, pension funds, corporations, developers, owners, and multi-national institutions that are involved in developing, financing, investing in, or using real assets. We have expertise and vast experience in Valuations in all sectors of the property market like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Institutional and Land. We appraise Plots; Houses; Flats & Apartments; Shops & Showrooms; Factories & Warehouses, Hotels, Malls or any other type of property.

Our Potential Clients

Banks Finance Companies Accounting Firms
Corporations Institutional  Investors Tax Specialists
Property Specialists Real Estate Developers Insurance Companies
Fixed Asset Managers Private Equity Funds Hedge Funds
Lawyers High Courts Private Individuals