Valuation & Appraisal Services

Valuation & Appraisal Services

Our valuation services include:

Property Valuation Rental Valuation
Litigation Support and Expert Testimony Arbitration Services
Technical Audits of Development Projects Insurance Valuation
Tax Related Valuation Plant & Machinery Valuation
Research and Development of Databases  

Property Valuation
We provide Valuations for Banks and Financial Institutions that indicate the Fair Market Value of the assets offered as Collateral against loans or for Mortgages. Individuals and Companies can rely on such Valuations for assessing the worth of the properties they may be interested in buying or selling at any point or those who may require market valuations for Legal reasons, Tax purposes etc
We also provide valuations of tenanted properties that assess the value of the property based on the rents that are being realised. The tenanted property may be offered as collateral against loans or for mortgages. Individuals and Companies can rely on such valuations for assessing the worth of the tenanted properties they may be interested in buying or selling at that point. Rent Capitalisation and other Models are used to arrive at the valuation.

Rental Valuation
For customers interested in renting / leasing any kind of property we provide valuations for determining the Fair Rental Value of the property. This helps our clients in negotiating better deals whether as a tenant or as a landlord.

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
We work with Lawyers to provide litigation support in complicated matters involving real assets valuations. We also provide expert testimony in legal and tax matters and are regularly appointed by High Courts for providing unbiased and fair assessments for judicial review. Our valuation reports have withstood scrutiny by the most discerning judicial and tax authorities Top

Arbitration Services
We act as arbitrators between contractors or vendors and clients in matters related to building construction. Our expertise, independence and professional experience helps in arriving at mutually acceptable solutions and avoid costly litigation battles

Technical Audits of Development Projects
Banks and Financial Institutions extend loans and other financial facilities to Developers and Builders for and against new projects. To cover their exposure, we carry out Due Diligence Checks and Technical Audits of the new projects to ensure that the Projects have the all the necessary clearances and comply with the local Regulations. We check the Land Licenses; Master Plan and Zoning clearances; Building Sanctions; Fire Safety approvals; Services approvals etc. When required, we also monitor the status and progress of the project against the time schedules given by the Developer
In addition, for projects which is still under construction, we track and review the construction status and progress on a 2 month / 4 month / 6 month basis to ensure compliance. Our reports are comprehensive and every aspect is covered along with photographic evidence

Insurance Valuation
We provide fair assessment of the replacement value assets to insurers and to clients seeking adequate cover for their assets.

Tax Related Valuation
For individuals or companies, we can provide valuation reports that may be required for statutory purposes. These reports may be based on land rates notified by the government or on actual market rates for a particular year in question. The valuation is prepared and supported by reliable data of actual instances of sale and purchase of similar properties

Plant & Machinery Valuation
We undertake Valuations of Plant and Machinery for all kinds of Industrial Units for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Components. For any specialized units we collaborate with associates who are specialists in those areas.

Development of Databases and Research
India thus far does not have published data on property prices and values. We have therefore developed large and detailed proprietary databases of Property Values; Rentals; Building Projects; Developers etc. in Delhi and other major cities in North India. This database allows us to study past patterns, analyse the current situation and visualize the future scenario. We can make available useable research, data and analysis on the real estate markets and trends and can provide critical market intelligence Top