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Our History

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Intarch Services was born !

Valuations of property and real estate in India were historically only required for Tax purposes and other Government departments. Due to the nature and structure of the transactions which involved large sums of undisclosed cash, the valuations were arbitrary numbers and figures which had little or no relationship with reality. The field of valuation and appraisal business was fragmented and was a side business for the valuers who were generally retired engineers.

We saw an emerging business opportunity in the field of Real Estate Valuations and also started providing valuation services.

In 1991, a new company was launched with the name of "Intarch Services Pvt. Ltd" with a mandate to exclusively provide high quality valuation and appraisal services.

The Real Estate Market and the lending scenario in India had just started to be transformed from an unstructured and adhoc market into a systems based market where 'Speculators' started to give way to the 'Actual Users'. Intarch Services Pvt. Ltd. worked closely with the mortgage team at Citibank NA (India) to develop the valuation systems and protocols for the mortgage industry. These systems remain industry standards even today.

In 1997, India saw its first Real Estate Market Collapse which was then followed by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, however, in part due to sound valuations of real estate assets, made by Intarch Services, the interests of client Banks and Financial Institutions were protected.